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Moray Performs

Welcome to Moray Performs, the website where you can see exactly how The Moray Community Planning Partnership is performing.

Moray Performs is part of the new accountability that is behind local and national government reform in Scotland.  By exploring this site you will be able to see if Moray is performing to the best of our abilities, and if the services provided meet national and local standards.  On our opinion page there is an opportunity to feed back to us anything about our performance you think we should know or change.

Local government, and the provision of the services we provide to you, are grouped into themes.  The themes are chosen by the Scottish Government to best reflect its aspirations for everyone in the country following the single outcome agreements concluded between the government and all 32 local councils in Scotland.  The themes are Greener, Safer and Stronger, Healthier, Wealthier and Fairer, and Smarter. In addition to the five national themes there is the Community Planning Partnership Theme which is a platform to present measurements of services and efficiency.

This website draws on the success of the website used in the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States called Virginia Performs, and the Scottish Government website,Scotland Performs , which demonstrates progress nationally.

The  single outcome agreements reached between local authorities and the Scottish Government are designed to focus efforts and resources on achieving the outcomes detailed in the agreement.  The government has removed spending restrictions on council budgets so that local authorities can decide how best to achieve the outcomes with the available resources.  The Moray Community Planning Partnership have identified 10 Priorities to meet the needs of the people of Moray. These priorities link to the outcomes of the agreement.  Moray's single outcome agreement reflects the spirit of partnership working and is one of the main guiding principles for future progress.

Over time, Moray Performs will tell us just how we are doing in our pursuit of these aims. It describes the outcomes  we want to achieve and how well we are progressing in key areas by measurements recorded in performance indicators. Check these indicators and see for yourself how The Moray Community Planning Partnership is performing.

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